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The Need

Throughout the world, there is a shortage of leadership in Christian churches. In the West, the church isn’t making the impact it could; in the global South, where Christianity is growing rapidly, there aren’t enough leaders to shepherd the churches being formed. 

The Solution

To meet the pressing need for leadership, all believers should be growing and maturing in their faith. The BILD system enables churches to train believers at every level of maturity, enabling every believer to use their gifts for the good of their families, their churches, and their communities.

The Strategy

Three overlapping structures are essential to our strategy for implementing the solution:

  • Local churches, functioning as well-established families of faith in their communities, pursuing God’s mission
  • Networks of churches, working together for the good of their community and building a global network that implements the solution on the ground
  • Teams of leaders, functioning as resource teams to promote growth and unity among local churches, and working with other resource teams