"I first came across BILD in 1989. This new model was not marketed or sold to me, but I saw it and became very interested in it. Since that time I have studied its philosophy and its relevance to our context and have found it to be most relevant to our context and need. BILD is biblically and culturally relevant. It is church based, and it is also both spiritually and academically balanced. BILD is flexible enough to allow creativity, control, and relevance. The “theological idea” in BILD is in itself liberating.”

Yusufu Turaki

Director, Jos ECWA Theological Seminary (JETS), Nigeria

“God designed churches to develop leaders and pastors who can train more leaders and pastors. However, I wasn’t finding much of this in North America. But, the BILD curriculum and the Antioch School were exactly what I was looking for: Strong theological education with a church-planting emphasis that is transferable and reproducible. Now, every church can have a school of theology.”

Jeff Vanderstelt

Pastor at Soma Communities, Vice President, Western N. America of Acts 29, Founding Leader of GCM Collective.

“The Lord is doing something very different in India. I have never seen Christian leaders spontaneously coming together to say ‘Yes, this is what I am looking for,’ while Jeff presents BILD materials.”

Emil Jebasingh

Founder of India Believers' Fellowship Churches and Vishwa Vani Network

“BILD’s program is one of the most comprehensive plans for building strong churches and training leaders I’ve seen. Your investment in them has the potential of impacting entire nations.”

Thomas H. McCallie, III

Foundations Coordinator, The Maclellan Foundation, Inc.

“The Church, to be relevant in the urban centers, must help people build healthy marriages, teach dads how to be good fathers and groom godly habits. The BILD material is foundational for a fruitful life. Period.”

Jim Guth

Executive Director, Florida Men of Integrity, Gainesville FL

“Often pastors of leaders develop without serious ordered biblical learning. As a result, there is a lot of preaching bereft of sound doctrine. It is very superficial. The messages are almost like Tony Robbins’ talks with the name of ‘Jesus’ at the end… without theological depth that answers the real needs of life.”

Joseph Mattera

Presiding Bishop of Christ Covenant Coalition, New York City

“As a pastor for nearly 30 years I have searched for various methods and models that would help me and the church be more effective and efficient in doing ministry in the 21st Century. I believe that the Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development gives us the model that the 21st Century needs to make disciples, mature believers, and multiply disciples.”

Lester McCorn

Pastor of Pennsylvania Ave AME Zion Church, Baltimore, MD

“Our work is among the Haitian community of New York. the BILD materials work perfectly with the range of learning styles and education backgrounds we see - everyone from a recent refugee to a college graduate. The Socratic style discussions really deepen the teaching.”

Mullery Jean-Pierre

Beraca Baptist Church, Brooklyn, New York

“No longer do our people have to go broke getting a fine theological education.”

Pastor Michel Faulkner

New Horizon Church, Harlem, NYC

“Training the next generation of leaders is urgent. There is no better tool for reproducing church leaders and equipping movements than the Antioch School. Their approach addresses three critical facets of leadership training: knowledge, skill, and character. Consider yourself warned...your church and movement may never be the same.”

Paul Dean

Pastor, Soma Communities, Issaquah, WA

“This is transforming churches and communities. One NYC-area church is starting three new local ministries as a result of using the (BILD) curriculum. The Antioch School generates a long-term result with an immediate impact.”

Paul H. Hubley

District Executive Minister, Converge Northeast

“I commend you for this innovative attempt (the Antioch School) to respond to and reform some of the endemic weaknesses of theological schooling.”

Ralph Enlow

Executive Director, Association of Biblical Higher Education

“The Antioch School is visionary for church-based theological education. Its model for education is innovative, relevant and real-life. I urge every church to embrace the mission of the Antioch School.” 

Ralph L. McKay

President, Upper Iowa University (1994-2003)

“After years of dreaming and encouraging a truly church-based, non-formal education of leaders in ministry––as an alternative to the proliferation of institutions of formal theological education––I can see it coming to fruition in the BILD International program of education and ministry experience… BILD is doing what so many have only talked about: putting the local church at the center of pastoral ministry preparation.”

Ted Ward

Professor Emeritus of International Studies and Educational Research, Michigan State University, Professor of International Studies, Mission, and Education, ret., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School