Global and Partner Resource Teams

Just as in the first century, the church today expands and thrives through complex networks. BILD International is one such network, consisting of four main components:

  1. BILD Apostolic Team: responsible for the global stewardship of the BILD network.
  2. Global Resource Team (GRT): an extension of the BILD Apostolic Team that provides leadership and support for BILD partners in a particular part of the world.
  3. Partner Resource Team (PRT): an apostolic type team that has invited BILD to help them serve and equip their church, network, or ministry organization.
  4. BILD Partner: churches, networks, and ministry organizations committed to using BILD resources.


The difference between a GRT and a PRT is that a GRT is focused on making investments and leveraging resources for the benefit of other BILD Partners in their part of the world, whereas a PRT is focused on its own partnership with BILD.

Global Resource Teams

A Global Resource Team is “recognized” more than “made” as a BILD Partner or individuals make investments and leverage their own resources for the benefit of other BILD Partners, particularly in direct partnership with BILD.

Expanded Definition of Global Resource Team (GRT):

  • Extensive familiarity with BILD resources, concepts, team, and systems.
  • Embraces the Way of Christ and His Apostles and its basic tenets as articulated by BILD.
  • Long-term commitment to BILD and its partners.
  • Invests and leverages their own resources for network benefit far beyond their own organization.
  • Willing to reach broadly in unity to serve BILD partners and potential partners.
  • Capacity to provide visionary leadership, team leadership, administrative support, and effective communication, both with BILD and BILD partners.
  • Leading the effort to do theology in their civilization.
Global Resource Teams

Partner Resource Teams

A Partner Resource Team (PRT) differs from a Global Resource Team (GRT):

  • A GRT is an extension of our own BILD Team, accountable to the BILD apostolic team and tasked with the responsibility to resource churches and networks within BILD’s own field of influence.  The GRT represents BILD and invests the majority of its time into partners as directed by the BILD team. 

  • A PRT is formed when the BILD Team has been invited into the sphere of influence of another. The PRT is equipped by the BILD Team but accountable to the apostolic-type leader of the partnering network.  A PRT is the means by which apostolic-type leaders deploy BILD resources effectively within their network. BILD partners with the PRT to deploy BILD resources and systems within churches, ministries, and networks that the PRT chooses.

A Partner Resource Team is formed when the following three things are true:

  1. A leader comes to the BILD Team having a sphere of influence that encompasses a network of churches and ministry leaders. 
  2. This apostolic type leader needs help developing qualified leaders at all levels across the network.
  3. All agree that the resources of BILD International and the discipline of the Antioch School will help develop the leaders who are needed to establish the churches and sustain expansion.

Under these circumstances the BILD Team will then forge partnerships with apostolic type leaders and help them to form teams, Partner Resource Teams, for the purpose of rolling out 3 levels of training across their network:  

  • Executive Education for the senior leaders of each network church
  • Antioch School Certificate of Ministry for the development of all leaders within the network churches
  • First Principles for developing maturity within all members of the network churches
Partner Resource Teams