North America

The North American Antioch Initiative

We believe the Church is at a significant crossroads in North America. With mainline churches in decline and evangelicalism close behind, many church leaders are recognizing the need for the gospel to spread afresh. Recognizing these realities, BILD is stewarding multiple initiatives with the vision of seeing the Church strengthened and expanding in North America.

The Antioch Initiative

Strengthening and expanding the Church in North America.

The Antioch Initiative was formed by BILD International for the purpose of planting and networking churches in North America.

At the heart of the initiative is the 30-City Urban Strategy, which will initiate and facilitate the process of churches and church leaders networking together to plant churches in their urban centers, forming Antioch City Initiatives.

Initiative Partner Commitments:

  • Establishing everyone in your church with the BILD Institute.
  • Training leaders with the Antioch School.
  • Participation in local and national networking.

Initiative Partner Benefits:

  • Participation in the annual BILD Conference.
  • Assistance from the BILD team in developing your BILD Institute and Antioch School programs.
  • Networking and developing one-minded urban city networking, church-planting and “Seek the Welfare” initiatives.
The Antioch Initiative

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Central Arkansas Antioch Initiative

Little Rock, AR

The vision of the Central Arkansas Antioch Initiative is a church-based partnership for seeking the welfare of our city through an expanding gospel movement. The initiative seeks the welfare of our city by:

  • Strengthening church leadership through ordered and intentional biblical training;
  • Drawing resources into urban communities of need;
  • Creating opportunity for local and affordable Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degree programs.

Buffalo Initiative

Buffalo, NY

The Buffalo Initiative is working to address key challenges to the city and has the involvement of 59 churches and 175 church leaders. The key church in the Buffalo Initiative is also involved in leading a BILD partnership in Uganda.

The CityChurch Network

Planting and networking churches in

The CityChurch Network is a growing network of churches across North America that are planting and establishing churches following the New Testament pattern that was established by the Early Church––commonly referred to as “the Way of Christ and His Apostles.”

Participating churches are networked together in the CityChurch Network, a nationwide network of like-minded church-planting movements. These movements serve as “paradigm” models for others desiring to plant and network churches in the complex network of urban churches in the Antioch Initiative.

Network Partner Benefits:

  • Participation in tri-annual CityChurch partner meetings.
  • Strengthening one another by sharing best practices.
  • Networking with like-minded church leaders in your region.

Network Partner Commitments:

  • Planting churches in the Way of Christ and His Apostles.
  • Establishing everyone in your church with the BILD Institute.
  • Training leaders with the Antioch School.
  • Participation in local and national networking.
  • Supporting a BILD International global partner.
The CityChurch Network

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