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Seek the Welfare of the City

Seek the Welfare of the City is a series that addresses some issues from a very different perspective than what a majority of contemporary Christianity believes. Since the Early Church, the West has dominated Christianity. Therefore most of the Christian world thinks the same about the fundamental issues that are the focus of this series.

This series explores, biblically, matters of citizenship and public life; the ideas of good occupations leveraged into collective benefactor communities; welfare and social responsibility as related to the church; and impacting cultures via missionary teams, global benefactors, and churches.

Part One: Basic Ideas

  • Seeking the Welfare of the City
  • Politeia––Public Life
  • It's All About the Money

Part Two: Impacting Cities––Church Communities as Benefactors

  • Benefactor Households
  • Everyone a Benefactor
  • Citizenship, Civic Virtues, and Civil Rights
  • Wealthy Benefacors, Social Status, and Calling

Part Three: Impacting Cultures––Missionary Teams, Benefactors, and Partner Churches

  • Competent, Self-Enterprising Ministers of the Gospel
  • Coworkers as Benefactors
  • Partner Churches as Benefactors
  • Church Networks as Benefactors

Seek the Welfare of the City

Lifen: Life Stewardship in Community

Lifen is a tool for guiding participants in the process of acquiring wisdom. Built upon the Greek and Hebrew wisdom traditions, it applies deep personal understanding and lifelong learning toward fulfilling one’s life purpose.

The exercises and outcomes in Lifen are much more than tips and techniques.They provide a comprehensive life analysis, designed to help develop character, heritage (legacy), and insights related to every area of life: work, family, wealth, inheritance, speech, behavior, community involvement responsibilities, etc.

Furthermore, the Lifen Life Stewardship Portfolio spans beyond our own lifetime, reaching into the lives of the next generation and the succeeding generation.

Series Outline

  • My Story - What is My Past and Where Am I Going?
  • My Purpose - Why Do I Exist?
  • My Abilities - What Are My Unique Contributions?
  • My Legacy - What Am I Intentionally Passing On?
  • My Strategy - How Do I Make My Legacy a Reality?
  • My Habits - How Can I Pursue Lifelong Learning?

Seek the Welfare of the City