Mastering the Scriptures Series

Guiding maturing believers and local (modal) church leaders in a process of solidly understanding the entire Bible.

The Gospels Series

The Gospels Series examines the intention of Jesus’ life and ministry as witnessed and shaped by the writers of the four Gospels: Mark (on behalf of Peter), Matthew, Luke (on behalf of Paul), and John. In this series, participants will engage in a fresh examination of the Gospels, developing a clearer understanding of the kerygma in light of the Apostles’ teaching in the Epistles, more firmly establishing them in their faith.

From Jesus to the Gospels: Solidifying the Kerygmatic Communities

Mark: Announcing the New Community

Matthew: I Will Build My Church

Luke: All That Jesus Accomplished

John: That The World May Know We Are One

The Gospels Series

Upcoming Series

The Old Testament Collection

Series 1: The Law (4 booklets)
Series 2: The Prophets (4 booklets)
Series 3: The Writings (5 booklets)

The New Testament Collection

Series 2: Paul's Early Letters (13 booklets)
Series 3: The Jewish Encyclicals (5 booklets)
Series 4: Johannine Writings (4 booklets)