Ukraine: A network unexpectedly being prepared

Editor’s note: This article is story 1 of a multi-part story that will give you a look into New Life Church in Kyiv, Ukraine, and its network of churches, that God had already been preparing for this turbulent time of war in Ukraine. Watch for more stories to come in the next months.

In the midst of the current conflict we are witnessing in Ukraine, there is a network of churches across that country who have mobilized and are meeting the challenges of the crisis in whole communities because key leaders have grasped some very important New Testament concepts. The roots of BILD's partnership in Ukraine with New Life Church in Kyiv and its network go back to recommendations and facilitation created by a large church here in the US who saw and used the church-based philosophy and resources of BILD themselves.  The synergy of churches and their own mission efforts in the 'Way of Christ' has the effect of creating true partnerships which in this case involved the introduction of an already strategic church in a nation's capital to a philosophy of training and strategy which could begin to address the unique issues for itself and set an agenda for the informal national network of churches and leaders across Ukraine.

Key to this development was the exposure of a team of key leaders to the catechetical framework found in the book of Acts and to get an ever clearer picture of the situational principles and tools of the Apostles' generation which we now have in the New Testament, far more than just an collection of foundational truths, but a comprehensive and integrated plan around which apostolic leadership teams and the church networks they work in must be shaped in order to become strong and expanding.  

These leaders from Kyiv, led by Anton Kaluzhny, more and more began to grasp the vision and implications for themselves, their work in a strategic global city and as a hub within an already formed network of national leaders all sharing a deep passion together for the progress of the gospel.  Firsthand work with BILD's global network and experience with a BILD's partner network among Albanians over the next couple of years provided not only deeper understanding of this new paradigm for life and ministry but models and relationships to draw from while working hard to envision and implement first century principles in their own large church and network.  Another key was the efforts of well trained and experienced leaders like Steve Galegor within BILD's global network to come alongside and consult and train the team in these early stages.

Who could know that these early efforts would begin to form a team of leaders and relationships among them and their churches which with rethinking and reshaping around a few key biblical principles and patterns, would be preparing for an unprecedented time ahead within a war we have all seen unfolding since early this year. More on that in the next segment about this strategic partner in the East.

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